Judith has worked with primary school children for ten years. In 2016 she was offered the opportunity to train as an ELSA (Emotional Literacy Support Assistant). The positive impact for the children receiving Emotional Literacy sessions inspired Judith to develop her knowledge and skills further, so she trained as a Child and Adult Coach.

Judith’s background has been in health and complimentary medicine. During this time, the many conditions she treated often had their roots in suppressed emotions or emotions that patients struggled to express, as a very general example; being assertive or setting boundaries. Over time, when emotions are not expressed in a ‘balanced’ way, health and wellbeing can be negatively impacted (as well as many other facets of life).  Through teaching Emotional Literacy and using coaching, where appropriate, the children and young people can discover strategies and tools that will give them the resources required to be able to express themselves appropriately for their age and ability. These skills can be carried forward into adulthood. This is done in a safe and non-judgmental setting and taken at the pace of the child or young person.

Each child is unique so each session is bespoke. The sessions are child led but with the focus of the session crafted around the child.  Judith loves learning and is constantly striving to bring the best possible sessions for her clients.

Judith also has a special interest and passion in working with neurodiverse young people and children and the unique challenges that they often deal with. Her dissertation for the Coaching Diploma discussed Coaching neurodiverse children.

Judith also currently works with students in a secondary school.