Dr Kinga Williams MA PhD BSc DipClinPsych MBPsS is a Clinical Psychologist, BABCP accredited CBT Psychotherapist, Supervisor, and Lecturer in Abnormal Psychology.

British-trained, she is also Hungarian qualified, with Psychopharmacology as a speciality.

Out of her 30-odd years in Britain, Kinga has been in private practice for the past 20-odd, – treating Adolescents, Young Adults, Adults, and the Elderly. Her long experience covers most outpatient presentations (both Axis I and Axis II, so e.g. Mood-and Anxiety-Disorders as well as e.g. Personality Disorders) across the board.

During a long and varied career in Psychology, she researched, lectured and published on topics as diverse as Eating Disorders, Health Anxiety, Culture-shock, Suicide Prevention, and Terrorism; significantly globe-trotted on the international conference-circuit; and is on the governing and editorial boards of various learned societies and journals, respectively.

Kinga’s primary interest and total commitment, however, remains with day-to-day clinical work, in face-to-face contact with her patients.

A fully trained teacher, she attaches the utmost importance to psycho-education – both for patients and their relatives – for informed (and inspired) consent and co-operation.

Having enjoyed the privilege of a truly comprehensive and well-rounded training, Kinga’s clinical work is based upon the fullest possible integration of as many approaches as are relevant for each and every case.  Indeed, she believes that “if your only tool is a hammer, so most problems seem like nails to you – train on…”

Committed to Continued Professional Development (CPD), Kinga abides by the Code of Ethics and conduct of both the British Psychological Society (BPS) and the Hungarian Psychological Association (HPA).